Sales Development Representative Test Project

We are excited to learn more about you during the test project process!
Please read all of the information that’s outlined below.
We look forward to your submission!

About Carrot

Carrot ( is a fast-growing SaaS company that helps real estate investors and agents generate leads online so they can close more deals and have more time for the things that matter in life. Click here to learn more about the Carrot team, who we serve, and our mission.

The Carrot platform has a set of core features that are the key to member success:

  1. Lead capture through high converting web sites
  2. Tools and resources that result in high SEO ranking
  3. Online authority building through superior content creation
  4. Technology and automation that optimize the above on behalf of our members

You can find a more complete list of the features, plans, and positioning of Carrot here, and navigate through more specific feature details here.

Sales Development Representative Test Project Overview

Challenge: Customize A Demo Site On The Carrot Platform

As a Sales Development Representative at Carrot, you will be the front line sales contact for our prospects. It will be extremely important that you understand Carrot’s product inside and out and that you’re able to demonstrate it’s functionality to potential members.

The goals of this project are to:

  • Launch a demo website on the Carrot platform.
  • Introduce yourself to the Carrot team & let us get to know you a bit more.
  • Test your attention to detail & ability to follow instructions.


Check your email for an invitation to our app & launch a website on the Carrot platform.

Using your website, please complete the following:

  1. Update the branding colors & theme to something that matches your style preference, add in some customization.
  2. Update the home page of your website to demonstrate the things you’ve experienced and done that would contribute to you being an amazing Carrot team member. 😍
  3. Add a new page to the site and title it “About Me”.
    • Add the “About Me” page to the Main Menu navigation.
    • Create a short video (less than 5 minutes) demonstrating your ability to sell Carrot to a prospect.
      • Answer the following questions in your video:
        • Why do you want to join the Carrot Team?
        • What do you feel is Carrot’s key to helping our members have success?
        • Tell us the three features of Carrots platform that you feel sets us apart from the competition.
        • What are you most grateful for right now in your life and why?
    • Upload your video to YouTube (set the privacy setting to “unlisted”), and add it to your “About Me” page.
  4. Create a new blog post on your site and publish your life list. Make sure that the Blog is easily accessible from the Main Menu.

Submission Process

Due date: January 4th @ 9am PST.

Once you have all of those items outlined on your site, submit the URL of your new website to The URL will look something like

Please title the email “Sales Development Representative – Phase 2 Application”. Feel free to reach out with any questions – thanks!