About Carrot

Carrot is the leading lead generation source for real estate professionals. But beyond that, Carrot’s stated mission is to add humanity to business and help people regain time for the things that matter. We care about our members and we’re here to make them successful. And our high NPS scores and member testimonials are proof that our members love us and the service we provide. You can check out our full story here.

The Carrot platform has a set of core features that are the key to member success:

  1. Lead capture through high converting web sites
  2. Tools and resources that result in high SEO ranking
  3. Online authority building through superior content creation
  4. Technology and automation that optimize the above on behalf of our members

You can find a more complete list of the features, plans and positioning of Carrot here, and navigate through more specific feature details here.

Product Marketer Project Overview

Challenge 1: Feature Launch

Imagine Carrot is planning to launch an all-new version of our VideoPost feature (current feature page). We need to construct a go-to-market plan that will accompany this feature launch.

Challenge 2: Feature Adoption

Imagine the feature launches and is adopted by 60% of members. How would you capture the remaining 40%?


Please put together a short set of slides that you can use to present your plan to members of the Carrot team. These can be any format you choose but no more than 10 minutes of presentation time and less than 3 hours of total preparation time.

Please include 1-2 introduction slides so the team can get a more complete picture of who you are, your background and why you’re an awesome fit for Carrot. 😍


  1. What would you set as goals for the launch?
  2. How would you measure these goals?
  3. How would you position this feature for this launch (example of copy, sketch of any assets that might be needed)?
  4. What touchpoints, channels, mediums would you use?
  5. How would you handle coordinating launch timing with other teams within the organisation?
  6. What tools would you use during the course of launching and promoting this feature?

Here’s a VideoPost promotional video to help provide more background:

Create Real Estate Video Content in Under 10 Minutes with Carrot's VideoPost