Sales Site WordPress Contractor Test Project

We are excited to learn more about you during this test project!
Please read all of the information that’s outlined below and reach out with any questions!

About Carrot

Carrot ( is a fast-growing SaaS company that helps real estate investors and agents generate leads online so they can close more deals and have more time for the things that matter in life. Click here to learn more about the Carrot team, who we serve, and our mission.

The Carrot platform has a set of core features that are the key to member success:

  1. Lead capture through high converting web sites
  2. Tools and resources that result in high SEO ranking
  3. Online authority building through superior content creation
  4. Technology and automation that optimize the above on behalf of our members

You can find a more complete list of the features, plans, and positioning of Carrot here, and navigate through more specific feature details here.

Contractor Project Overview

We are building a new website (we call it the sales site) that has an updated brand, cleaned up sitemap, and new content. We currently have ~430 pages living on our current sales site and as part of this initiative we are trying to get that down to less than 100 pages on the sales site. We’re accomplishing this by 1) moving pages to different subdomains 2) converting pages to post types and 3) deleting pages entirely. 

Additionally, we recently updated our WordPress to use the Gutenberg editor, block patterns, etc. Our new theme for the sales site with our new branding is being built on this new editor on a new subdomain we set up (new.carrot), where we are also building out our new sales site sitemap and applying our new branding to all our pages. Once the new site is built and all pages are deleted or moved to their new subdomains, we will flip new.carrot over to

Why we need your help!

A lot of legacy pages on our existing sales site that need to be carried over to new.carrot or moved to a different subdomain were built on a landing page template that isn’t compatible with the new editor. We have to rebuild all these pages manually on their new subdomains. We also need to update the theme on the pages that will be included on our new sales site sitemap to fit our new theme and branding.

Sales Site Contractor Test Project Overview

Challenge: Rebuild a Carrot sales site page and apply the new branding

Rebuild two pages from our existing sales site ( on our demo site (

  • The URLs to the two pages will be included in the email with the link to this project
  • Create each page on the demo site with this URL structure:
  • Rebuild the original page on this new page
  • Apply new Carrot theme and styling to the page

A few helpful tips:

  • Feel free to get creative with the layout and format of the page! We’re looking to uplift the entire sales site experience, so if you see an opportunity to lay out the page in a more engaging way, we want to see it!
  • Please use placeholder graphics (existing graphic, a simple box, etc.) in places where an existing graphic would need to be updated to fit the new theme or an entirely new graphic would be needed
  • We’ve linked our new brand standards and an example of the new theme applied to our existing home page below.
  • Everything you need to apply the new theme is prepped and ready for you on
  • Please try to stick to using the Gutenberg editor for building the new page and avoid custom CSS wherever possible.
  • Should you have any questions, feel free to reach out to Laynie at


Project Deliverables

Please complete the two pages on and email the links to the two pages to within 3 business days.